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Name: Billy
City/Country: Big Stone Gap
Sent: 11.24 - Friday, 9.October 2015

S.Y.L.O, would like to see you guys put a club near me. I\'d like to see events and rides around my town and towards Knoxville Tn. ML&R. S.Y.L.O

Name: LuckyLuke OMC
Sent: 17.06 - Friday, 2.October 2015

A special birthday wish to our region\'s oldest Outlaw..Dopey 1%er..Ottawa..Canada

Name: Jpaul
City/Country: Pa
Sent: 18.33 - Thursday, 1.October 2015

Supporting till the day they lay me down, thank you every patch holding member for all your services y\'all do and protecting the community, keeping it black n white. S.Y.L.O

Name: charlie gulf
City/Country: lexington,ky.
Sent: 04.08 - Thursday, 1.October 2015

Had a couple brothers git me through some trying times lately. Just wanted to say Thank You y\'all! I couldn\'t have done it w/o y\'all! MLL&R Black N White for life here in the Bluegrass! SYLO!!!

Name: Brandon Holley
City/Country: Fort Belvoir
Sent: 10.50 - Wednesday, 30.September 2015

I hope you guys continue to kick ass, and that one day I may be able to call you brothers.

Name: Chaco 1%er
City/Country: BOSTON USA
Sent: 02.41 - Monday, 28.September 2015

want to send my love worldwide to all my Brothers
-Chabo 1%er O.D.M. 666 BBT

Name: Emma 1%er
City/Country: Germany
Sent: 12.56 - Sunday, 27.September 2015



L.L.& R.

Emma 1%er

Name: Michael Houston Evans
Homepage: http://https://www.facebook.com/michaelhoustonevansmusic
City/Country: Kingsport Tn. 37660 U.S.A.
Sent: 01.56 - Sunday, 27.September 2015

Just wanted to sign the guest book .I\'ve actually got to meet a few in my lifetime, and had the pleasure to perform at a few of the events like Pow Wow\'s in east Tn. Just wanted to reach out and maybe get to perform live for you one day. I am doing a solo acoustic show act at the present, till issues of my band is cleared up. Thanks

Name: Brian Johnson
City/Country: Atlanta GA
Sent: 00.48 - Saturday, 26.September 2015

Supporting the brotherhood til the day I die. It\'s a black and white world and we have to do our best to keep it free. Ride free and never give in to the corruption of governments. Fight til the day you can\'t anymore. SYLO OFFO GFOD

Name: LuckyLuke OMC
Sent: 17.42 - Wednesday, 23.September 2015

Our condolences to Rocket 1%er AOA Ottawa, on the passing of his father..R.I.P.

Name: charlie
City/Country: Lex.KY.
Sent: 04.45 - Wednesday, 23.September 2015

Stoppin by to show the love n respect.Never met a better buncha brothers! Always good to see Charlie around here.Just goes to show,Ya cant stop Charlie! Oorah! Ride safe y\'all! MLL&R!

Name: Van
City/Country: Bradenton
Sent: 19.40 - Wednesday, 16.September 2015

Hello from FL.

Name: Mitch
City/Country: Fall River
Sent: 12.21 - Tuesday, 15.September 2015

saw a couple guys out again last night,right on!,looking to support,

Name: Lowrider
City/Country: Clarksville tn
Sent: 05.33 - Saturday, 12.September 2015

Condolences to the Indianapolis outlaws on the loss of their home. Don\'t let em getcha down. Much RESPECT.

Name: WW
City/Country: OKC
Sent: 03.51 - Friday, 11.September 2015

Thank you TomKat 1%er for your help. I really appreciate it...L&R LLO/SYLO

Name: Mitch
City/Country: Fall River
Sent: 02.44 - Wednesday, 9.September 2015

Seeing alot of black and white down here,and loving it!

Name: AOA Chapter Wallis Switzerland
City/Country: Switzerland
Sent: 12.31 - Tuesday, 8.September 2015

Hello Brothers,
Congretulations for the new chapter Dumaguete Philipines and for the new prospective chapter Moss Norway...
AOA Chapter Wallis Switzerland

Name: AOA Le Havre France
Sent: 08.24 - Tuesday, 8.September 2015

congrat to our new bro from Dumaguete Philippines for their new full patch status and welcome to the new prospective chapter Moss Norway

Name: munch
City/Country: Russia
Sent: 14.00 - Monday, 7.September 2015

Congratulations to the new prospective chapter Moss (NORWAY)!

Name: AOA Belgium
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.be
Sent: 09.23 - Sunday, 6.September 2015

Welcome to our new chapt. Dumaguete ( Philliphines ) ..... OFFO

Name: Irish Kelly
City/Country: Kansas City MO
Sent: 20.34 - Thursday, 3.September 2015

big hello from Kansas City

Name: jamie leigh
Sent: 09.22 - Thursday, 3.September 2015

Ive spent so much time with the outlaws in wales and over worcestershire way... had so meny good laughs with you guys my other half is a outaw no names but hes a good bloke... sylo black and white forever x

Name: John 1%er
City/Country: Liverpool England
Sent: 15.12 - Monday, 31.August 2015

A big thanks to the irish brothers for a great weekend partying and riding nice scenery and great hospitality LL&R John 1%er merseyside chapter.

Name: Cindy
City/Country: Placentia, Californi
Sent: 04.15 - Monday, 31.August 2015

Hi My name is Cindy, I used to be an ole lady (whom I would rather keep unknown) in Dayton for many years..
I was looking at the Forever Chapter and cry when I see so many familiar faces. Oh, how Fat Louie hated his bath day!
And Big Bear giving me my first job at his club. I could go on and on but I am sure I\'ve said enough.
would it be possible to get a replay back so that I can send a picture.?
What beautiful memories.
Please take care.

Name: Carl Noble
City/Country: England
Sent: 15.14 - Friday, 28.August 2015

Would just like to wish my brothers and friends from around the world a great weekend MLL&R be safe (Nobby) supporter Coventry & Warwickshire England SYLO FOREVER!!

Name: clint1%er
City/Country: australia
Sent: 09.15 - Thursday, 27.August 2015

our deepest condoleance to our french brothers,family&supporters of OLD PAT 1%ER R.I.P and ride on to the forever chapter L.L.R WESTSIDE AUSTRALIA O.F.F.O

Name: ::: Skullster King :::
City/Country: Tallatrashee, Florida (USA)
Sent: 01.40 - Thursday, 27.August 2015

Outlaws are just like anyone else. Except they ride bikes better, harder and longer than anyone else. They love their brothers, their families, their country and their friends better than anyone else. They party harder than anyone else. They respect their fellow bikers better than anyone else. They are more hard core old school biker than anyone else. They are more loyal and trustworthy to their brothers and friends than anyone else. If you are in trouble and you are their brother or friend, they will help you better than anyone else. In this world of bullshit, they are more honest than anyone else. If you treat them good and with respect, they will treat you better and respect you more than anyone else. But if you don\\'t ... GFOD. In short: OFFO! ... SYLO ...

Name: Alby
City/Country: Melbourne Australia
Sent: 15.18 - Wednesday, 26.August 2015

S.Y.L.O The Mangler Westside Supporter

Name: Lupo1%er
City/Country: Switzerland
Sent: 13.08 - Tuesday, 25.August 2015

Condolences from France Chapter South West to the Brothers, Family and Friends of
Holmes 1%er (London) , Ma 1%er (Raymond, New Hampshire) and Dirty Dick 1%er (South Florida, Florida) . O.F.F.O. -G.B.N.F.
Outlaws mc Argovia Switzerland

Name: VITT 1%er
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc-russia.ru
City/Country: Moscow/Russia
Sent: 12.10 - Friday, 21.August 2015

To all the Brothers,family & friends of Holmes 1%er(London),Ma 1%er(Newhampshire) & Dirty Dick1%er(South Florida) our deepest condoleance and may you all ride free in the forever chapter.
O.F.F.O / G.B.N.F.

Outlaws MC Russia

Name: John Wayne (aka) big red
City/Country: Warr Acres , Oklahoma
Sent: 04.53 - Wednesday, 19.August 2015

SYLO SUPPORTER 4 life . Outlaws are great groups of guys and for any law enforcement agency reading this . They are not a gang they are a motorcycle club that is what the MC stands for . I have met a few outlaws mc . They were awesome walked up to them where I worked introduced myself and talked for a bit . After I clocked out I bought them beer and we talked so anyone that has a negative thought on them . Because of what you hear on news , get to know them first . Before you know them

Name: Arlo 1%er L/L
City/Country: Oklahoma
Sent: 15.31 - Tuesday, 18.August 2015

RIP Dirty Dick 1%er & Ma 1%er...ride free in the Forever Chapter...GBNF LL&R Arlo 1%er L/L

Name: South West
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.fr
City/Country: France
Sent: 19.25 - Monday, 17.August 2015

Condolences from France Chapter South West to the Brothers, Family and Friends of
Holmes 1%er (London) , Ma 1%er (Raymond, New Hampshire) and Dirty Dick 1%er (South Florida, Florida) . Very sad time .
Rest in peace - G.B.N.F.

Outlaws mc France - South West Chapter

Name: WW
City/Country: OKC
Sent: 00.03 - Monday, 17.August 2015

RIP Dirty Dick 1%er...you will missed my friend GBNF with Much LL&R WW

Name: Wolfy 1%er
Sent: 12.01 - Sunday, 16.August 2015

Condolences from AOA Chapter Wallis Switzerland to the Brothers, Family&Friends of Ma 1%er New Hampshire&Dirty Dick 1%er South Florida GBNF RIP.

Name: AOA Belgium
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.be
City/Country: Belgium
Sent: 10.54 - Sunday, 16.August 2015

We send our deepest condolences to our brothers , family & friends of Dirty Dick 1%er South Florida RIP - GBNF

Name: zaria Grayson
Homepage: http://Oklahoma city
City/Country: Oklahoma City
Sent: 10.43 - Sunday, 16.August 2015

I will always have love and support for the Outlaws!

Name: AOA Belgium
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.be
City/Country: Belgium
Sent: 08.49 - Thursday, 13.August 2015

We send our deepest condolences to our brothers in New Hampshire , family & friends of MA 1%er RIP - GBNF

Name: Clint 1%er
City/Country: australia
Sent: 04.31 - Thursday, 13.August 2015

to all the brothers,family&friends of Holmes 1%er(London),Ma 1%er(Newhampshire)& Dirtydick1%er(florida)our deepest condoleance and may you all ride free in the forever chapter O,F.F.O G.B.N.F. WESTSIDE AUSTRALIA

Name: Orca
City/Country: Ponca City/ Oklahoma
Sent: 15.44 - Wednesday, 12.August 2015

For all my Brothers that have fallen. RIP GFOD

Name: Spur 1%er
City/Country: Tulsa,Ok USA
Sent: 14.51 - Monday, 10.August 2015


Name: Righteous Unruly MC AOA Afffiliate
Homepage: http://RFFU MC -----facebook
City/Country: Waterbury CT USA
Sent: 18.43 - Friday, 7.August 2015

Our deepest condolences go out to Ma 1% and the AOA nation and out to his family GBNF

Name: chris christopher
City/Country: Asheville/Arden...U.S
Sent: 16.18 - Friday, 7.August 2015

I have a friend at a Harley shop in Fletcher North Carolina That have given me a sticker support your local Outlaw I was wondering if its okay if I attach that sticker on my car?...To show support....

Name: Outlaws Elgin (formaly CHICAGO WESTSIDE)
City/Country: Westside
Sent: 13.19 - Friday, 7.August 2015

We send our condolences to the Chapter Brothers ...Family and Friends of Ma 1%er New Hampshire and Dirty Dick 1%er S. fla.

Name: AOA Belgium
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.be
Sent: 08.07 - Friday, 7.August 2015

We send our deepest condolences to our brothers in Canada , family & friends of Holmes 1%er RIP - GBNF

Name: LuckyLuke OMC
Sent: 19.42 - Thursday, 6.August 2015

A very special birthday wish to retired Class of 1977 ..AOA Canada\'s Sonny 1%er, BBT.
Long may you ride...
Outlaws Canada

Name: Vulture 1%er
City/Country: Illinois
Sent: 13.18 - Thursday, 6.August 2015

I want to sent my condolences to the Canadian AOA Brothers...the Family and Friends of Holmes 1%er. Ride in the Forever Chapter with your Brothers GBNF.

Name: Blue Eyes 1%er
City/Country: Belgium
Sent: 13.43 - Wednesday, 5.August 2015

Had a superb stay overseas, with the chance to see many Brothers.
Brotherhood/Hospitality from Chicago to Milwaukee and back: fan-tas-tic!
It\'s a Black & White world.
All about this Brotherhood & Biking!!
Ride safe,

Blue Eyes 1%er
Outlaws mc Belgium
Chapter Mechelen

Name: Lupo1%er
City/Country: Switzerland
Sent: 19.34 - Tuesday, 4.August 2015

Our Deepest Condolences to our Brothers , Family & Friends of Shingo 1%er . AOA JAPAN
G.B.N.F. R.I.P
Outlaws mc chapter Argovia Switzerland

Name: J.paul
City/Country: Pennsylvania
Sent: 01.28 - Tuesday, 4.August 2015

Dropping in to give every patch holder a big thanks! Got to see some of the boys at thunder in the valley this yr, Deffintly a good time, Hope to be at more events.